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Happy Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival! 

A great excuse to pig out on Mooncake! Now I’ve never made them myself, and I know my mom’s actually took a lesson and had a custom mold made (I’ve only seen the mold once and that’s when she brought it home). 

What you’ll find when you cut into a mooncake (or if they’re the mini ones like the image above, you’d just pop the whole thing in your mouth) are either red bean paste or lotus seed paste surrounding a salted duck egg yolk. For those who doesn’t like the yolk, you can also find ones with just the lotus seed paste or red bean paste. 

Through time, bakeries got creative and started making a more Japanese mochi like “mooncakes” with a fruity jelly center. I had it for the first time a couple days ago and I have to say I prefer to traditional crust with the lotus seed paste and a salted duck egg yolk.

If you haven’t tried any, you can find them in China Town, Asian supermarkets, and for Canadians, you can find a good variety of them at T&T  for the next couple of weeks.