Red Orange + Pomegranate + Cranberry = DELISH

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I was at the store the other day and Oasis’s Nature’s Collection was on sale (compare to others by like $0.10), but hey every penny counts right? I’ve tried their Orange Mango and the Black Cherry + Blackberry, but I picked a winner this time around. Their Red Orange + Pomegranate + Cranberry. 

So according to their website:

Allow yourself to be charmed by the Oasis Nature’s Collection. Entirely natural, these juices offer a blend of specially-selected fresh fruit, for an incomparable taste that’s even more authentic than nature intended.
Whether you’re looking for the softness of a tropical breeze or the intensity of a sun-kissed orchard, our juices come directly from the source to offer you an explosion of taste with each sip. There’s no doubt: the discriminating gourmet in you will quickly appreciate these delicious flavours that are as unique as they are harmonious.

I LOVE it! The Red Orange is not overly citrusy (compared to drinking OJ) and with the help of the Pom and Cran juice, it gave it a nice subtle (and yes there is such a thing as too sweet for me) sweetness and make it super easy to drink down. I can say I’m now addicted. I can see this juice being great when I make my blended smoothies!