key word in this recipe I’m sharing… COLD! Cold sesame noodles with butter pepper shrimp: recipe via Foodopia here

Here’s a the Cioppino that I made this Father’s Day Weekend. Unfortunately, I did forget to throw in the fresh basil that was sitting in my fridge… tasted fine though 🙂

Chilli & Garlic Prawn Pizza with Zucchini & Mozza   This is what happens when I’m hungry – I took 1 picture of my dinner. I saw this recipe on Pinterest a while back and finally made it. You can find the original recipe here, but as usual, here are my tweaks. Here is what the recipe calls for (and here are my tweaks..the

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The site’s in polish, but it’s squid stuffed w/ rice! Looks realllly good squaremeal: (via Kalmary faszerowane ryżem – Przepis)