extracozy: This Starburst Candy Corn Topiary is perfect and just in time for some DIY Haloween decoration! Just try not to pick the candy corn off one by one and eating it 😉 via Southern Yankee Mix

I’ve been looking around for a while now for a “unique” Wine Rack but haven’t found anything I like. I didn’t know I’d actually have to make it myself! Who knew you can DIY a Wine Rack?! If you did, well I didn’t 🙂 You can find the DIY steps here at Brit Co. which I was introduced to this past weekend. 

What I’ve been up to when I’m not cooking…  Using 12 x 12 Canvases as doors for the Ikea Expedit shelf. To spice that up even more, I transferred some of my own pics onto said canvases…  Yes, I decided to include my homemade Mango Ice-Cream pic on one of them. 

Great party idea! (via Welcome to the Waffle Bar! «Veronica Yem Veronica Yem)

Who knew?! Thanks to Simply Notable, you’ll only ever have to buy green onion and leaks once, and you’ll have a continuous (and might I add fresh) never ending supply! So apparently all you have to do is store about an inch of the very bottom (the roots part) of the onion in a jar of water and place it by a sunny window

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