Cheddar Hearts Crackers

Cheddar Hearts Crackers

Who said Goldfish Crackers have to be shaped like a fish? A few weeks back, I was looking for a cheesy PUN INTENDED Valentines Day gift idea and I came across this homemade crackers recipe on Pinterest. Homemade Goldfish crackers on Tasty Kitchen. The Blog goes into how you can make tiny fish cookie cutter by cutting out aluminium cans etc, but really, why limit

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Who said Mac & Cheese can’t be sexy?  monicatramos: Comfort Food: Mac & Cheese 

I found this recipe through Pinterest… it’s suppose to be a cheesy Cheese roll, but i made them into a loaf instead. I’d love to post the recipe cause they were great, BUT the site I got the recipe from is down.. . Do try and visit Aunt Clara’s Kitchen in a couple days, hopefully the recipe is back up then.

Diced Pancetta, cheese, and egg in a toast cup! #breakfast. Recipe can be found here. I did some modification to it by using diced pancetta instead of bacon…so much faster and easier.