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Finally got these uploaded. You can find the recipe I used at Damn Delicious. I did however give her Individual Chicken Pot Pie  with a little twist. Just to make it a tad “healthier” my bf said, no puff pastry. So I decided to make it with Phyllo instead. All you need to do is brush butter on a sheet of phyllo (yes a whole sheet), then just scrunch them up (like you do a piece of paper) and top it on top.  You should brush some more melted butter on the area that aren’t already buttered to give it a nice golden brown when they come out of the oven. I also added a pack of frozen corn too.

I have to say I like this recipe because of a few twists…the leaks… it gave the pot pie a great fragrance. Then there are the asparagus. For some reason, adding asparagus just makes the whole dish seem a little healthier? 

oh I also have to say, these PC ramekins are a steal! I got them at the Real Canadian Super Store, $7 for 4!