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These are very well received. I’ve made these Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies from Picky Palate a few times now and friends are always amazed by it. I have to point out that IMO, Oreo stuffed are the ORIGINAL of all stuffed cookies. 

Word of advice, have an empty stomach when you eat them. They come out of the oven about the size of ½ a baseball. OH and eat them FRESH out of the oven when the Oreo is still soft…it’s AMAZING.

After many complaints suggestions received to make these baseball sized cookies smaller, I gave mini Oreos a try. the cookies come out about the size of a golf ball… BUT, the results are not the same as working with the full size oreo. Everything is thinner, smaller, and the “Oreo” gets lost in the chocolate chip cookie. 

It’s great in the morning with milk 😉